Pool and Spa Leak Detection Services


How do I know if my pool or spa is leaking?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if your pool is leaking or due to water evaporation. The best way to be sure is to perform a simple bucket evaporation test.
. Fill pool to normal operational level
. Fill bucket to an inch from the top and place in pool on the top step.
. Mark water level on outside of bucket and also mark the inside water level of the bucket
. Operate the pool as normal over a twenty four hour period
. Measure both water levels inside and outside of bucket and compare
. If the outside water level of bucket has gone down more than the inside bucket level, you have a pool leak

Are there any signs that can help me tell where the pool leak is?

Sometimes there are signs that can indicate where the pool leak is. These can include:
. Large cracks in pool wall
. Equipment pump may continually loose prime
. Always air returning through system
. Soggy patches around pool or in garden
. Paving or decking lifting or sinking

What cost is involved in finding a leak in my pool?

Pricing for leak detection can vary because of the different variables of each individual pool. The more information we can collect from you, will help us provide a price estimate of the cost involved. Let us know if you have noticed anything recent charges or occurrences with your pool to help us narrow down the possibility on where the pool is leaking

Does anyone need to be home when work is being carried out?

No, no one needs to be present as long as we have access to the pool and the pool equipment.