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Jie Wood House Removers offer competitive prices guaranteed. We are fully qualified and insured and we will ensure we provide an affordable professional service


We have 3 generations experience in house raising- family owned business. experienced team. no job too big or small and no hidden costs.

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Jie Wood house removers is a specialist at house raising in Rockhampton and the Central Queensland area. Give him a call

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When we restump homes, we use a range of large and small machinery / trucks, ensuring we have the right size equipment.

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We are a cost-effective, fully licensed, insured and adhere to all safe works practices for our demolition jobs.

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Houses buy and sell

House Relocation and Removal, Jie Wood House Removers has over 60 years’ experience in House Relocation, buying & selling Houses for removal.

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House Levelling

It’s important to protect your property by having a strong foundation, and house levelling is often required to safeguard your home from weakened foundations.

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Sliding & Positioning

We ensure stress-free process, safely sliding & re-position your home to perfect position throughout Central Queensland.
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Boat Transportation

We specialise in the transportation of motor boats, including speed boats and jet skis, sail boats, catamarans and cruisers.
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Jie Wood House Removers

Highest quality materials
We only use the best quality materials and equipment for the completion of any work in both industrial and residential areas. The entire team at Jie Wood House Removers Rockhampton is highly trained to achieve the best possible outcome. We are a family owned business. We take pride in our work.
Skilled labour
Jie Wood House Removers is well known in the Rockhampton and Central Queensland area. We’re based in Rockhampton and are dedicated to providing Central Queensland with the best skilled labour for house restumping and underpinning services.
State of the art machinery.
Along with house leveling services, our team can repair the areas of your home that have suffered due to the problems with the foundation. We can fix sinking and cracked floors along with walls in your home, office, school or any other type of building. We use state of the art machinery.
Efficient and Cost Effective Service
We offer professional re-blocking, underpinning and house leveling services at fair prices. Through our quick, reliable service, we can get your home secured in no time. Jie Wood service entire home removals in Rockhampton and Central Queensland. We have a solution for your home.


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Jie Wood House Removers Rockhampton is a third generation family run company fully licensed and insured company offering professional affordable service.


You are in safe hands

We are 3rd generation home removers and we understand exactly what it required .

Your Home

Jie Wood House Removers are specialists in home relocations in Rockhampton and throughout Central Queensland ,assisting clients relocating their own home, or a home they've found.
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Home Movers
We Make it Simple

Cost Effective
House Raising

Jie Wood House Raising Rockhampton understand that this is a serious task. Buildings, houses, and other such structures may at one point require being raised higher. This is a task that should only be carried out by qualified builders.
Integrity and Loyalty
We take pride in our work

House Restumping With Certainty

Choosing an ideal contractor is also crucial. You should consider choosing an experienced specialist when restumping. The ideal contractor is the one who can lift your property safely while restumping it. Give Jie a call.
Trusted and Secure
Best house removers in CQ

How It Works

What We have Done

Jie Wood House Removers Rockhampton literally pick up your house and transport it from one location to another. As a fully Australian owned family business we pride ourselves in the safe and efficient moving of homes.

1. Book the Job

If you would like your home relocated or restumped Jie would be happy to book an appointment to meet you at the property location and give you a free quote and advice on what options suit you best.

2. Confirmation

We organise inspection of the house to ensure it is structurally adequate to relocate. In addition, Jie will undertake a route and site inspection to make sure that this house can be relocated to the destination you have requested.

3. Work Status

We organise and prepare on your behalf if necessary, your plans, site plan and engineering ready for your council submission. We carry out framing, preparation and cutting of the house if so required.

4. Completion

On arrival to your house’s new location, we complete the construction of your footings if so required, organise Council inspection of newly constructed pier holes, unloading and structural re-join of the house, installation of piers and lowering of home onto new piers.


What We have Done

If you would like your home relocated or restumped Jie would be happy to book an appointment to meet you at the property location and give you a free quote and advice on what options suit you best.

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Based in Rockhampton , Jie Wood House Removers is a locally owned and operated a family business that offers affordable and professional structural services that will make your home safe and secure.