Mi Art Rockhampton photo restorationMi Art Rockhampton photo restoration

Photo Restoration

Using the latest digital imaging techniques Mi-Art offers an extensive range of restoration and reproduction services in Rockhampton. We understand that the originals we work with are irreplaceable and the utmost care is taken during handling. We have an active interest in the care and preservation of photographs and works on paper.

Photo Restoration

All work is performed digitally using specialised software, digital restoration ensures that your original photograph remains untouched. Time can take its toll on different photographs in a variety of ways. Our experience enables us to handle the repair of all manner of imperfections.

Mi Art Rockhampton photo restoration
Commonly encountered repairs include Creases, Tears and Surface Abrasions, Silverfish Damage, Mould, Foxing ( Browning ) Water Damage, Stains, Fading and Discoloration.

In addition to the many repairs performed, a selection of image enhancements can be performed. Contrast, Density and Sharpness are a few enhancements commonly used to increase the clarity of a photograph.

Finished restorations are printed using our Fine Art Printing service on a paper best suited to the individual photograph.

Our philosophy is to produce restorations that remain faithful to the feel of the original, ensuring all work is seamless and retains the unique characteristics evident in each old photographic process.

Document Restoration and Duplication

Mi Art Rockhampton photo restoration
Of particular interest to local and family historians is our Document Scanning and Restoration service. Documents are often more fragile than many photographs and require special care and attention. Some of the enhancements we perform digitally include:

Enhancement of contrast and sharpness to improve legibility. Repair of creases, tears, stains and discoloration.

Letters, Certificates, Historical Immigration Papers, Historical Newspaper Articles are among the many documents we can work with. Using our Fine Art Printing service we can produce the finished reproduction on a variety of paper surfaces.

Copies of Old Photographs

Photographic images have been captured on a variety of formats over the past 150 Years. With high quality scanning we can produce faithful copies of any photographic image on paper or film.

Photographic prints we copy include: Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes,tintypes, antique albumen prints ( Cabinet Cards, Carte Viste ), vintage and modern silver gelatin prints in colour and black and white.

Some of the common film formats we can print from: glass plate negatives, large and medium format films ( 120, 5x4,8x10 ), box brownie films ( 120, 126 etc ) and 35mm slides.

Caring for your photographs

Mi-Art’s Fine Art Printing service provides the means to reproduce your images in the highest quality manner on a selection of traditional papers. We use this service for the printing of your restorations and high quality duplications as well as producing exhibition quality prints for artists and photographers.

Light Damage

Just like ourselves, photographs and documents are very sensitive to Ultra Violet light. UV light can cause damage on two levels. The first is exposure and subsequent fading and discoloration of the photographic image ( or inks in the case of documents ). Light affects different types of photographs in different ways but is detrimental to all. The second and lesser known impact of UV light is its role in the development of acids and subsequent breakdown of paper.

Avoidance: Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and fluorescent light. Where possible do not view your photographs under direct light. Framed photographs should have museum quality glass and not be on permanent display.

Repair: There is little that can be done to reverse image fading in original photographs. Digital restoration provides good results from affected prints.

Tears, Scratches and Abrasions

Tears, scratches and other forms of physical destruction are one of the most often seen damage on old documents and photographs. Careless storage and handling over the years is an obvious cause. What may be a precious antique now was once a contemporary object often taken for granted. More often than not the damage has been caused inadvertently and worsened over time, however some may have been damaged by an event or deliberately.
Old photographs are not just susceptible to physical damage from wear and tear, chemical breakdowns are also responsible. Paper becomes acidic over time turning brittle and weak due to the breakdown of fibres. Exposure to Ultra Violet light can accelerate development of acid in photographs.

Avoidance: Your photographs should be stored in archival grades enclosures. There should be ample room to carefully access photographs without having to force them to fit. High quality duplications should be made for display or frequent viewing.

Repair: Do not attempt to repair tears using adhesive tapes etc. This is best left to experts with access to special materials. Digital photo restoration can produce stunning results from physically damaged photographs and documents.

All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) • MI-ART is a fully owned Australian business, operating in Rockhampton Queensland